Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon Over the years has given alot of his time, energy, and resources to a long list of charitable causes in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is his story. Leader, Motivator, Game Changer

Jack Halfon – Johannesburg

Jack Halfon was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia which later became know as Harare, Zimbabwe in 1980. Jack Halfon moved to Johannesburg with hopes of joinging in in South Africa’s economic success. Johannesburg also known as Jozi, Jo’burg, eGoli, and abbreviated as JHB) is a large metropolis and the largest city in South Africa. It is the provincial capital of Gauteng, which is the wealthiest province in South Africa.

Jack Halfon

Who is Jack Halfon Jack Halfon founded Atlas Finance in 1994 and has never looked back since. Although not all his earlier activities were not an astounding success Atlas Finance was where Jack Halfon Really made his mark. Jack Halfon started off his school career at David Livingstone Junior School and later went Churchill Boys High School. Jack Halfon enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. As a photographer he takes pictures of people, villages and natural wonders with his personal touch and unique view.

Jack Halfon – Philanthropist

From the day Jack Halfon arrived in South Africa he knew he loved the people and decided he was going to do what he could to help them. This was the origin for many of Jack Halfon s charitable endeavours. Atlas Finance has donated more than 120,000 meals through Stop Hunger Now cause. Jack Halfon built a library for a Malatjlie settlement which was in desperate need.

Jack Halfon – South Africa

Jack Halfon and South Africa When Jack Halfon first arrived in South Africa he came with the hopes of any young man and that is to acquire his fortune. At the time South Africa had a booming industry of commerce and Jack Halfon was determined to get his share. Jack’s first couple of years in South Africa proved to be testing and even though Jack Halfon came for business he landed up staying for the people. Jack Halfon felt a personal connection with South African’s and the country which would later influence his photography and philanthropic nature.

Jack Halfon – Atlas Finance

Atlas Finance was founded by Jack Halfon in 1994 it has been unparalleled success in the micro finance and payday loan sector. Atlas Finance with Jack Halfon as it’s captain steering the ship has granted more than 2 million loans to more than 500 000 satisfied customers. “Jack Halfon may not have been the first in micro finance, but he seems to be the best” Rui Migul

Jack Halfon – Faces and Places

Of all his accomplishments Jack Halfon is most proud of the publication of Faces and Places. For more than 30 years Jack Halfon has been an avid traveller to isolated and impoverished areas around the world. Faces and Places takes a sui generis approach to Black and white photography where a picture can speak a thousand words. The Faces and Places collection often leaves the exhibitor breathless and wondering about the subjects past and present circumstances and the tales that make up their life.  

Jack Halfon – Atlas

Jack Halfon and Atlas. A little inside joke at the the Atlas Finance head quarters is that Jack Halfon is such a practiced traveler that the Atlas in Atlas Finance is to celebrate the fact. Jack Halfon has travel far and wide to some of the most remote regions on earth from Africa to Asia this has moulded him into the the citizen of the world he has become.

Jack Halfon – Atlas Finance

Jack Halfon and Atlas Finance Jack Halfon is the founder and acting CEO of Atlas Finance. Atlas Finance was established in 1994 when Jack Halfon observed a need for quick cash to help individuals and small business owners meet short term financial obligations. Atlas Finance now boasts more than 170 locations country wide. Atlas Finance specialises in providing loans of R8000 or less.